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Follow the link to find out lots more about whale watching and don't forget to watch the video on the home page to see a Humpback Whale.

Safe Fun at the Lake

The cottage has its own 300ft private lake frontage, including a sizeable and private area of land south of the road outside the property and adjoining the Provincial Park :-

Boating and canoeing

Your own kayaks, canoes and boats may be launched from the Provincial Park or from the private area of land immediately adjoining the Provincial Park and forming part of the land belonging to the cottage, although any such activities are undertaken entirely at your own risk. 


The lake is popular for swimming and the country park beside our property has imported sand to make an area in which to paddle and which is comfortable under foot. The lake is quite shallow near to the shore and is therefore suitable for non-swimmers, who must be supervised at all times.

Because the water is shallow near to the shore, it is warm enough to swim in all summer and well into the autumn.

A few minutes drive away is the uncrowded Sandy Cove beach, which opens out on to the spectacular Bay of Fundy and is perfect for sunbathing when summer temperatures typically reach up into the 80s. You can also swim and snorkel in the clear water of the Atlantic or enjoy rock hunting as raw Amethyst can be found nearby.

Taking a paddle in the Lake

The local beach


The long beach at Sandy Cove, which is less than 10 minutes drive from the cottage. Click here and listen carefully [make sure your speakers are turned up] and you will hear the ocean which was recorded when these photos were taken :)


The Basalt rocks at each end of the cove which are perfect for exploring the rock pools or some relaxing sun bathing. The basalt has seams of agate running through it.

A view across the cove from the far side.


The crystal clear water of the Bay of Fundy, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Stand on the rocks and if you are really quiet, you may see seals and the local ground hogs.

The beach at Rossway (just 15 minutes the other way!)




You can fish in Lake Midway which is adjacent to  the property and a Provincial Park and has over 300 ft of its own lake frontage.

The lake is stocked annually with brown trout and smallmouth bass .

In Nova Scotia, children below the age of 16 can fish without a licence and take home a full limit of fish if they wish, although a licence is required for salmon. Individuals 16 and older need to have a fishing licence. More information about sport fishing in Nova Scotia can be seen here

A licence can be obtained inexpensively from Nova Scotia Agriculture and Fisheries department. We supply a fishing rod and a reel at the cottage and ask that visitors replace any fishing tackle that they lose.

Sea fishing is permitted without a licence. Some nearby places to fish are Whale Cove and Sandy Cove where table sized Pollack can be caught. Both coves are just a few minutes away by car. You can also fish from Digby Wharf where you can also watch the fishing boats coming and going.

The beautiful uncrowded coves and beaches are also great for swimming.




Whale Cove

Whale Cove